Žofiiny miniatury – solo

Žofie Kašparová & The Peacock Tree – band playing Žofie’s new composed music

Bosphorus Ensemble – oriental orchestra based in Gothenburg

GAO – Göteborgs alternativa orkester

13th Dimension – middle eastern music quintet obsessed with odd meters

Folk Marathon – festival full of folk/world jam sessions and balfolk dancing over New Years eve, every year in different city!

Klubb Ankaret – folk and world music club in Gothenburg. Concerts and jam sessions.

Etno Histeria Umeuropa Caravan (2014) – a crazy tour project with 30 musicians from 14 different countries on a bus together for a month and played in Czech republic, Poland, Lithvania, Latvia, Estonia (Viljandi Folk Music Festival), Finland, Stockholm and Umeå, the final destination.

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