Žofie Kašparová & Paví strom

Photo: Johannes Bergil

3 winds and a double bass,
meditative jazz fusion.

Music inspired by deep forests in the autumn, the city in the middle of the night, pictures mirrored on the lake surface, silence of a winter morning, landscape behind the train window and behind the window of your own eyes…

Contemplative and dreamy sound of three winds, voice and a double bass is influenced by jazz, classical music, arabic rhythms, minimalism and probably much other which is unknown.

Žofie Kašparová & Paví strom (Peacock Tree) was started in 2017 as Žofie’s graduation project at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and is playing her own composed music.

Paví strom began as a quintet with Robin Johansson on saxophones and clarinet, Erik Bengtsson on double bass, vocalist Agnes Åhlund, percussionist Ida Forsberg (Knagg) and Žofie on flute and bass clarinet. Ida and Agnes have left the band which now continues as a quartet with the trumpet player Robin Backgård.

Stay tuned for some new music coming up soon!

Žofie Kašparová – composition, flute, bass clarinet, voice
Robin Johansson – saxophones, clarinet
Robin Backgård – trumpet
Erik Bengtsson – double bass

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