I’m starting a blog!

Since the corona times in the spring 2020 I’ve been diving into ashtanga yoga and practicing flute much more intensively than normally. The two practices started to blend into each other more and more. I take what I know from one to the other. The breath, the presence, the non-judgemental attitude and much more. On my journey I have a lot of small and big “aha” moments. Some forgotten and recollected, some new, some seen from a new light. I’m undergoing some kind of transformation which is both joyful and painful. I feel that all is one and I feel the need to integrate the values not only in the interplay of music and yoga but in the way I’m living in general.

I thought maybe this could be inspiring for others. So I’d like to start a blog and write about my process. Describe my “aha” moments, my way through struggles, connections of music practice with buddhist/yoga wisdom. Both simple everyday stuff and deep shit. Thoughts on lifestyle and even climate change, as everything is interconnected anyway. Probably mostly short posts, because I’m not a big writer, maybe video posts sometimes, short demonstrations, maybe even a podcast? We’ll see where it develops!

I’m diving into the topic of PRACTICE in general. On the example of an ashtanga yoga practitioner a flute player and a buddhist, but most often these are principles applicable on whatever else you might be practicing. Even practicing just life.

Some of the key words I’m observing: yoga, flute, breath, meditation, thoughts on (non)discipline, time planning, routines, body awareness, wholesome lifestyle, climate change, teaching wind instruments.

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